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Itsuki Kenko

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🌿 Someone who often suffers from headaches and fall sick often
🌿 Someone who is working in a stressful work environment
🌿 Someone who is suffering from insomnia and many more
Itsuki Kenko Health Patch uses all natural herbal extracts and powerful negative ions to help detoxify toxins effectively through soles, relieve numerous body aches, improve sleeping quality and increase energy levels.


⚪ Bamboo Vinegar

⚪ Detox Herbal Extract

⚪ Wood Vinegar

⚪ Vitamin C

⚪ Ions Powder

⚪ Dokudami

1 Box inclusive of 20 Health Patch
How to Use
🌿 Apply the patch on your sole or on any part of your body that is affected or experiencing pain (e.g. foot, shoulder, waist, knee, elbow etc.) just before sleep. Dispose the tainted patch the next morning

🌿Use a fresh patch the next night and repeat it daily. For new users, use everyday for 2 weeks, 1-2 times a week subsequently.

🌿Do not let it dry. Please use immediately once the seal is open.

🌿 Helps to Enhance immune system
🌿 Helps capture heavy metal ions
🌿 Provide relief from restlessness, lethargy and irritability
🌿 Increase concentration and productivity
🌿 Makes you feel refreshed and energetic